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Wow. I can tell you really put your all into this. Great writing and animation overall.

Well done.

Amazing. Superb. Academy award-worthy.

Amazing stuff man. Rock on!

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Dear Brother...

A rather unusual yet intriguing addition to the portal, this game has great similarities to Gateway. The eerie sci-fi feel implemented makes for a thrilling experience. The tension builds up with each new discovery, giving it a sort of Resident Evil musk thrown in the mix. The puzzles, as few as there were, are so undeniably well-conceived to seem as if you've experienced them beforehand. From beginning to end, Goliath The Soothsayer is just about everything you could want out of a horror/puzzle game. Brilliance indeed.

One of a Kind

One of the most mind-boggling games out there. The concept in essence is similar to the portal game thats also here on Newgrounds. Who knew black and white could look so good. Good Job.

Cursor of Death

Very interesting game design with much to offer. Has plenty of features and modes to choose from as well. The sounds and particle effects are quite impressive. As repetitive as the gameplay may seem, it's also quite addictive. A very unique style and intuitive game mechanics that really grab the player and put them on a ride. Solid game overall.

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Really captured the essence of Seinfeld in this.

Well Done

This is great!

You have such good command of your voice. Your inflection and dictation are very steady.

Well done.

TomStheVoice responds:

Thank you so much! Gosh, this thing is so old! I ought to publish the newer stuff I have on Soundcloud. Check this out if you want my latest :)

I hear the improvement. And that editing is superb. Well done!

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I love this so damn much

As a longtime Metroid fan, I approve this art.

I give it 5 screw attacks and a Golden Shigeru.

This is ridiculous.

Name's Dan Escudero and I've been aspiring to become a voice actor since spring of '12. For business inquiries, please PM me with any and all details you have regarding your project.

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